The 6th house - more than a routine

I think you’ll find a lot of 6th house influence in my post which sums up the last 6 months of my life.  As I’ve watched everything unfold, I’m pretty happy about the way things turned out.  With Saturn in Virgo, the sign of adaptability, it sure has been some kind of ride, certainly not easy, but worthwhile.  My schedule changed, my health was influenced, and animals have become more significant in my life.  Saturn governs my 6th house of daily routines, health/diet, and pets.  Saturn is currently conjunct my progressed Ascendant and is the decan of my progressed Ascendant.    

Six months ago I found out I was hyperthyroid when the August eclipse was conjunct my natal Venus on my ascendant.  That not only caused the hormone imbalance, but the influence to Venus was the onset to rapid hair loss.  I met with a specialist in November and started my recommended medicine.  I knew right away that the meds were working as I felt a lot better, the hair loss stopped in early December.  I wrote about that in previous posts. 

I had a follow-up appointment in January and my blood work looked good so the doctor reduced my medicine as the plan is to wean me off in hopes that I would go into remission.  My bloods tests in February showed that my thyroid hormones dropped to low so my doctor called and asked me to stop all medicines.  By March he suggested I take a very low dose, just enough to keep me from dropping too low and enough to keep me out of hyperthyroidism.  Hopefully this will work, I’ll know in April after I have further blood tests.  With Saturn retrograde, this was no real surprise, my hair loss started again although it’s not as severe as it was in the fall.  

Besides the onset and months of health influences, I began working in Animal Rescue.  Rescue is something I have a lot of interest in, but never really knew much about it.  I am and always have been an animal advocate.  I started out as transport, driving rescued dogs to rescue homes until they find forever homes.  My first transport were the three Rat Terriers coming from a puppy mill, which you will find on this blog.   

The Universe kept dropping opportunities in my lap as Jupiter edged its away across my 6th house cusp.  This gave me something else to do and think about besides what was going on with my work and my health.  I’m not great at multi-tasking ( I tend to get stressed), but I also get bored doing the same thing too long so I usually have more on my plate than most people.   

My previous post mentions a Mommy Jack Russell and her puppies that I picked up from the pound and cared for a week before they went to Russell Rescue.  This was in January, when I had 4 planets transiting my 6th house and Mars crossed my 6th house cusp.  Mars governs my 10th house cusp of career and reputation.  Since then I have become known in the animal rescue community, locally and in my region.   

Mommy still needs a home, but the two puppies have been adopted!  I received an update with pictures and they are happy, healthy, and growing pups.   



 lil Ricky


That experience led me to think more about short term fostering dogs as well as getting my garage in shape so I would have an area for a couple of kennels if I needed them.  Interestingly, that work is almost complete and will be finished within a week.  All boxes have been relocated to the attic, the floors have been painted and sealed for super easy clean up and we have a lot more room and better organization now.  I had enough to furnish a small house in there!  

In February I received an email about a JRT terrier needing a ride to the Rescue Farm.  At the same time I heard of three little dogs that were listed as Urgent in a pound in Tennessee.  I was planning on getting those dogs to rescue a few days after I picked up the JRT so I decided he would sleep over a night or two and I would do everything in the same day.   I would be driving 4 hours just to pick up the TN. dogs so I knew it would be a long day.   

Meet Jack- Ride to Freedom


Once I had him home, he felt like he had a fever so I called my vet.  I’m glad I acted on my hunch as he had a fever of 104.  He had picked up kennel cough, a common respiratory infection that many dogs pick up at the pound.  I didn’t want him to go to rescue because he was sick and would have to be kept quarantined until he was well.  There were about 50 dogs there and they don’t need them to get sick.   Within a few days he started feeling better and by then I knew he would stay with us until we found a home for him.  And we did, 12 days later!  The new moon Feb. 25 was conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 8th house of regeneration and it fell in my progressed 6th house of pets.  I was counting on him being adopted.  He is currently getting spoiled in ways he could never imagine!  

I made the trip to pick up the little dogs at the pound in TN and take them on to Rescue.  Happily, one was adopted the day before!  The two JRTS were taken to a vet to be altered as I arranged to pick them up there.  I would have loved to bring the female home, but I have concerns about my dominant female JRT (Bonnie).  I did plan on bringing the male home, he would be my foster.  Gosh, what sweet, cute dogs these were!  It’s so hard to imagine that they didn’t have homes.  I dropped the female off with Russell Rescue and went by Arby’s to get this little guy something to eat before our long drive home.  I had dog food, but this was a special occasion.  I took him out for a potty break, poured a bowl of water, and gave him the meat off the sandwich.  I thought he was going to take my fingers off, but I don’t think he had any food for at least a day because he had surgery the night before.  This little guy rode home in the front seat of my car in a dog bed and it only took a day or two to realize he was going to be a Foster failure.  I told my husband that if he looked at me one more time with those big brown eyes I would keep him.  That’s exactly what he did!  This little guy is so needy and precious!  Jupiter, the planet that expands what it touches, now transiting my 6th house, meant another dog for us.  Toby made #4.  The moon was conjunct my 6th house cusp trine Saturn conjunct my progressed Ascendant.  I took responsibility for another dog that day. 

Toby’s ride to freedom


One night Toby was lying on my lap (he loves laps) I looked down and got all teary eyed.  I felt like his presence in my life meant I was on the right path, that God sent him as a gift to me.  I felt so blessed, five minutes with this love bug and you would understand.  Jupiter was sitting smack dab on top of natal Saturn in my 6th house and the new moon was conjunct natal Jupiter, I had a new beginning and a spiritual awakening.  I couldn’t believe that Toby didn’t have a home, that no-one wanted him, or that someone wasn’t looking for him. 

As fast as I was falling in love with this little guy, I decided to search lost ads just in case someone was looking for him.  I realize the first place they should have checked was the pound, they even held these dogs longer until I could get there. In my online search of ads I found this… 

Date: 2009-02-23, 9:14AM CST

I was picking up my kitty from the vet the other day, and in walked a woman with scrubs on. She was just getting to the vet office and turns out she was from animal control. Next thing I knew, she was bringing in two crates…each filled with a precious Jack Russell. Turns out that she was bringing them there so a rescue could pick them up after they got fixed. The first one that came in was sooo soo hyper in his little crate! He just seemed so happy. It filled my heart with joy–this little guy was no longer on death row.  And it seemed like he knew it too! Ya know, he was like “I’m free! I’m a free man!” It was so heartwarming. The next one that came in was a little more timid…like she was saying “ok I have no clue what’s going on…nervous..” I don’t know if it’s just me, but this really touched me. The jack russell rescue was taking in these little guys. You know most times, the rescues still have to pay the shelters to get an animal out…and they only care about the animals. So in my opinion rescues are a blessing! Thank you rescues everywhere for saving innocent little prisoned animals!!  

I wrote and ask this person if it was Anderson clinic and it turned out that the dogs and the rescuer she was writing about was us!  How odd that I found this ad!  I sent pictures of Toby, explained why Laurel went to Russell Rescue and thanked her for her kindness.


Again, the Universe speaks,  I’m doing exactly what I should be doing.

I did not write forecasts in February because my time and energy was wrapped up mostly in rescues.  There was something else going on, something that began last August as a result of an eclipse to Uranus in my 1st house.    One night in August I went to return some video rentals, it was late and I used the drop box.  To my surprise I saw a dog with its nose down roaming an empty grocery store parking lot, the dog was so skinny it made me want to cry.  Ashton, my daughter, drove from business to business but everything was closed while I stood out in the parking lot not wanting to lose sight of the dog.  Eventually we had to give up and go home without feeding her.    That dog stayed on my mind. In September I went to the grocery store just before closing time.  To my surprise the dog was there again looking for food.  I ran through the store grabbing food, water, and bowls.  I fed the dog by a tree at the edge of the parking lot and went back the next night to find her there again.  Beginning in September, less than a month after the eclipse, I began driving 6 miles every evening to feed this dog.  Rain or shine, I was there.  When I went out of town and ran late, my husband or daughter made sure she was fed for me.   My daily routine changed because of her and aspects to my 6th house. 

At times it was stressful, I would leave my husband to finish cooking dinner and there were times when I couldn’t eat my own dinner knowing she was there waiting!  More of Saturn’s influence.   It was also stressful because she crossed a major highway every night to eat!  I have heard many cars beep at her because she was running across rush hour traffic!  One time my headlights were hitting her back feet as I turned into the parking lot; her feet just hit the grass on that side.  I seriously use to have concerns about me being the one to hit her, it scared me!  More Saturn influence as Saturn governs caution and fear.   

By Christmas my family asked my intentions with this stray and I told them that I planned on keeping her alive with food through winter, after that it was in Gods hands.  Her name became Darlin because each night that I saw her I said, “Hello Darlin.”  


More details can be found here at petfinder if you’re interested. 

Jan. 26, 2009 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, transiting Sun, Moon, Jupiter conjunct natal Saturn in my 6th house.  Within a few weeks I was fostering dogs and I realized it was time for change concerning my stray.   I could not continue driving to feed her every night.  My routines (6th house) were about to get a fresh start, and the change needed definitely had an Aquarian influence over me.   And it had the Saturn Uranus opposition written all over it, - breaking free, sudden breaks, breaking up existing conditions, freedom vs structure, sudden insights, and accepting responsibility and authority.  

It was time for me to reclaim my freedom from a situation (and a relationship) that I had with an animal.  A situation I created because I fed her every night and I made the decision to continue for six months.  I had a revelation around that time and realized I had been training a dog to eat from a tree, but I was ready to take responsibility for her, my way, here at home.  We agreed that Darlin had been eating from The Real Giving Tree.  

Feb. 9 Lunar Eclipse in Leo, conjunct my progressed 1st house Sun.   I found out about having to stop my medication and I made the decision to do something about capturing my stray dog. Saturn, conjunct my progressed Ascendant was opposing Uranus, ruler of my marriage sector.  Talk about testing me and my relationship with my husband!  I was boiling inside, not happy at all with Allen concerning this stray dog!  What an emotional week that was for me!    Allen was fine about me trapping the dog, but he didn’t want me to bring her home.  At that time we had three dogs and we weren’t sure what we would be getting into.  I was overcome with sadness, cried at the drop of a hat, and worried about what I would do if I did catch her.  My heart was in it; I had been driving 6 miles every night and feeding her!  Heck, I felt like she was already my dog!  Darn lunar eclipses can be tough when they conjunct an important planet like the sun (the giver of life and the planet that rules my Ascendant).   I sent out pleas for help, to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah as well as local rescue groups.  Those that did reply didn’t hold out any hope for her, calling her feral and stating they were all full with dogs.  Best Friends did reply stating they were also at full capacity with feral dogs.  I forward the emails to my husband, at which time he said we could bring her home and try to socialize her.  Once she was comfortable around people, he said we could try and find her a home. 

After an emotional roller coaster ride that week I put my plans into action.  You’ll find that on Pet Finder.   

Feb. 25th new moon, Jack gets adopted less than a week later and the trapping started coming together.  To trap an animal takes some skill, knowledge, or research.  When you have an animal that is unsocialized and fearful of people like Darlin, the last thing you need is something to go wrong.  If it does, then she may never come back.   

March 10 full moon in Virgo.  Moon/Saturn conjunct my progressed Ascendant opposing the Sun/Uranus.  Animal Control brought me a large dog trap on the full moon and I was counting on that moon to help me find closure.  I drove up and down that highway several times that week and I did a lot of talking to God.  I had been listening to a song called Full Moon thinking about making a video of her in the future, using the still shots I have of her in the dark and the pictures I would take at home.   

March 11, the moon moved across my 3rd house cusp (neighborhood, local travel, my environment, and communications). Later that day the moon was conjunct my progressed Venus in Libra ( a relationship sign and ruler of my 11th house of hopes and wishes and friends).  I drove down that highway 5 times and was exhausted, but I kept talking to God, asking for his help and hoping it wouldn’t take months to catch her.    

I sent this note to a friend that I met online while researching traps for dogs.  With the help of friends, Lisa trapped a rescue dog that had been lost and roaming for three cold weeks in New Hampshire.  The day that I emailed her for the first time was coincidently her dog’s two-year trap-a-versary.  She doesn’t know anything about astrology, but I shared my thoughts.  

Last nights full moon was so in line with what’s going on right now regarding trapping Darlin.  The full moon was in Virgo, the sign that rules the natural 6th house of health, food/diet, routines, and pets in the zodiac.  The moon was conjunct Saturn, the planet that restricts, but helps us make slow steady progress.  Gains are not easily made under that type of energy.  Last night I withheld Darlin’s food for the first time (Full moon conjunct Saturn in Virgo).  Emotions are heightened during any full moon as the moon governs our feelings.  I certainly felt more emotional the last two days.  The moon was opposing planet Uranus in Pisces.  Uranus governs sudden events and things that are unexpected.  Pisces governs the natural 12th house of confinement (that trap).  When I saw that opossum, I knew instantly that was the surprise promised by the full moon. ”   

This was Wednesday when I told her it looked like I could get her by Friday, but I was so hoping on the full moon.  

That night, just before dark, we trapped her! 

Friday was significant.  I drove my son to meet friends just as I do every Friday night.  As I passed the shopping center I looked up at the tree where I use to feed Darlin.  It was a weird feeling and such a relief not having to go back there.  On the way home I removed a sign I had posted on the tree a few days before.  A sign that asked people that might see her and feed her not to because I needed her to be hungry enough to go to the trap.  When I pulled the sign off and got in my car, that was it, she was home and I was ready for a fresh start.   

That Lunar Eclipse in February urged me to do something about my stray dog and promised me closure.  A month later and she has a new home. It’s been slow going this week as she has so much fear and anxiety, but I will take it one day at a time until she learns to trust the one that has been feeding her.  Saturn is retrograde until May 16th, I imagine I’ll learn a lot about gaining the trust of a fearful dog.  

Not long ago someone applauded me for helping to save 8 dogs since December.  Last night I was thinking about the dogs that I have rescued/fostered/re-homed and counted them in my head.  JR, Ali, Katrina, Mommy, lil Ricky, Mina, Jack, Skip, Laurel, Toby, and Darlin made #11. I had goose-bumps when I realized that!  The significance of a master number like 11 meant something very profound to me.  Then I remembered that I caught Darlin on March 11.  Spirit was talking to me as felt an overwhelming sense of being connected to God at that moment.   11:11,  I never look for that numbers significance in my life.  Usually when I see it on the clock I’m working and it’s just a time of day.  Now, it has taken on a whole new meaning for me.   

Spring is right around the corner.  I’m hoping it breathes new life into my relationship with Darlin.   

Darlin is home!


Blessings, Cornelia


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