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Monthly Horoscopes, Easy Astrology, Free Interactive Birth Chart, Rising Sign Calculator, Rate your Compatibility, Eclipse News, Full New Moons, Ephemeris, Extensive Personal Horoscope Report Service.

Helpful Resource Links

Kepler College
Kepler College is authorized to issue AA, BA, and MA degrees in Astrological Studies. The entire curriculum is based on Astrology. Located in Seattle Washington area, Kepler offers Distance Learning with Symposia Program.

The Lost Horoscope X-Files
Download Astrology Software such as Delphic Oracle, Timaeus and Zodiacal Aphesis from Zoidiasoft Technologies based upon the "System of Hermes".

Software for Planetary Aspects and Transits
Windows software to calculate and display aspects between planets at a given date, personal transits for a given birth date, and synastry for two birth dates. Has graphical and dynamical displays and supports both tropical and sidereal zodiacs.

Astrology and more -Astrology, horoscopes, and metaphysical resources and articles. Topics include soul mates, numerology, Feng Shui, advice, oracles, tarot and more.

ZET - Astrology Software for Windows
ZET is a powerful astrology program for the professional astrologer, an effective resource for astronomy students, and a wonderful training tool for beginners. ZET combines both astronomical and astrological functions, with lots of astronomical data and graphical information.

Horoscopes Directory is dedicated to providing you with an easy to use reference of quality horoscope sites.

The international website for Astrology. Get your Personal Daily Horoscope and a wide selection of free horoscopes! Also, find your time zone for birth place query.

Zodiacal Zepher
Astrology articles, software, resources and news.

Certain Sight
Gifted and Talented Psychics, free horoscopes, free biorythm chart, Psychic blog.

Project Hindsight
Project Hindsight was founded to make the primary source texts of the western astrological tradition available in modern English translations.

The Horoscope Junkie
If you're looking for your Free Daily Horoscope, Weekly Horoscope, Monthly or Yearly Horoscope, you are in the right place!

Astrology Online
Featuring daily and weekly original horoscopes by Michael Thiessen. Absolutely everything about Astrology!

There is no better way to learn astrology than by studying charts; and here you can study charts with the best astrologers in the world. You will also find the latest research into astrological techniques and the largest resource listings for astrology research and astrology education.

Powerful Psychic Reading.com
At Last! Psychic reading secrets by a professional reader. The door has been opened into a secretive and well guarded world. It's up to you to walk through!

Sky View Zone Astrology & Horoscopes
Specializing in natal astrology charts, monthly horoscopes, free Sun sign love matches, solar returns, relocation maps and more.

My Cosmic Wheel
An astrology and divination web site with free daily horoscopes and personal tarot card readings. Online book store and free resource information.

Astrology, Horoscope, Astrologers & Psychic Reading
Astrology, horoscope, Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Astrology Based Predictions by Expert Astrologers, Hindu Astrology, Astrological Remedies, Tarot & Psychic Reading, Numerology, Vaastu, Palmistry, Shopping, Feng Shui, Gemstones, Online Free Astrology Services India.

Comprehensive Web Directory of Self Improvement websites on the Internet. Providing informative, quality Self Improvement information to help people improve their lives through Goal Setting, Stress Management, Natural Health and Alternative Medicine.

Astrology Books
The Entire Collection of Astrology Books by Martin Schulman, founder of Karmic Astrology is now in mp3 Talking Audio Books, read by the author and downloadable from Classic Legend Books.

Astrology, Tarot, Lucky Charms & Talismans
Features amazing astrology and tarot readings, astrological products, talismans, fortune telling cards, online fortune telling and more.

Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation and Spiritual Healing:
Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of Kofutu symbols. Learn Kofutu techniques for healing yourself and others. Classroom and home study courses are available.

DivineCaroline - Life in your own words
Relationships, Home and Food, Body and Soul includes astrology articles, Parenting, Style and Forums. Many of the stories on this site are written by members like you. You are free to publish stories and reviews of any length about any subject. Serious, Funny and everything in between. Just like life.

Universal Psychic Guild
Psychic Guild is an online psychic service providing dream interpretation, horoscopes, numerology, tarot readings, and psychic advice in life, love, and well-being.

Aeclectic Tarot
Dedicated to the diversity & beauty of Tarot. See images of Tarot cards, read reviews of Tarot decks and Tarot books, learn about Tarot, receive Tarot readings, visit Tarot links, or join our Tarot community.

Accurate Psychic Readings - PsychicCosmos.com is a site of well-known, professional psychics, astrologers, psychic tarot readers, mediums, channelers and clairvoyants. These are famous, world-renowned psychics and mediums - many have been on TV and Live Radio! There are also many interesting articles on the site regarding astrology, tarot, mediums, psychic readings and developing your psychic ability.

Chupacabra, Dreams, Illuminati and Alien Abduction
Cryptozoology information and news including UFOs, vampires, werewolves, the Loch Ness Monster, alien abduction, ghosts, angels and other paranormal news.

Kingdom of One
Kingdom of one offers accurate live Psychic readings from Ron Ray for clear answers to the questions you may have. Ron Ray also teaches Energy Work / Meditation and is an Energy Healer. Easy to follow guided Energy Work/Meditation that will help you empower yourself, instructional course on CD, teachings on the Chakra System, Visualization Tools, Energy Work and more.

Starcana Insight
Intuitive readings, spiritual interpretations with guidance, intuition, and logic using astrology, astrology charts, the wisdom of the tarot cards, spirituality, sensing personal energy vibrations, zodiac personality traits and behaviors according to individual planets and astrological natal charts, numerology, as well as good practical sense for those seeking intelligent choices with higher answers based on celestial alternatives for inner guidance - when life gets in the way.

Lucknet offers free Clairvoyance, Tarot Reading, Physic reading and horoscopes in daily, weekly and monthly manner.

A few of the headlines within this website were created in part
by previous Carl Sagan comments and articles at NASA science.

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