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From the Drawing Board to the Stars

Born to a military family, I spent most of my youth in Germany, my place of birth and my mother's homeland. Cornelia Growing up I had an intuitive feeling that I had some sort of connection to the cosmos, although I never spoke about it. I was the kid at the jewelry counter looking at the sun sign jewelry and birthstones, chattering away and spinning the display. I must have really irritated the person behind the counter! As an adult I became the friend nicknamed "What's your Sign".

A fork in the road...

When my first husband passed away, an innocent victim of a random act of violence, I immediately started searching for answers to the tragedy. I began reading the Bible for the first time in my life and couldn't put it down. I read everything concerning death, grief, comfort and sorrow, all before we had his funeral. I received an after death communication from my husband and a number of signs from God that were a great comfort to me. Although at the time I didn't understand the meaning of those signs, they gave me an inner peace that carried me through. I call them my divine blessings.

It was only recently that I inadvertently found research information about after death communications (ADCs) at Hello from Heaven. I purchased the book and read several accounts from individuals that had the same experiences that I had. What does all of this have to do with Astrology? Everything!

Finding my path to enlightenment…

I believe my husband's death was more than a turning point in my life as a new widow and a mother, but also a turning point for me spiritually. I asked God for guidance and he handed me the universe. As I grew spiritually I chose the path of an Astrologer, spending countless hours in the study of Astrology. My birth chart began to unfold before me and I found the answers I had been looking for related to the planets and their impact on my life. There was no denying the validity of it. Through every loss of a loved one (and there are several) and every life changing event (far too many), I find the connection in my horoscope. Astrology is not my religion, but it is my calling.

Connecting to the Universe...

While in college, all of my speeches were related to the subject of Astrology. One special memory I have is when my teacher (now my friend) sat in the back of the class typing my critique and when she gave it to me it read, "Hey soul sister" and she went on to give me her sun, moon and rising sign. Imagine my surprise! I also remember the person that would walk out of class every time I gave a speech! In fact, almost every essay I have ever written has also been on the subject of Astrology. It is something that I am truly passionate about.

My current studies have included Classical Mythology, which I recommend for any Astrologer. I have been a student of astrology for over 10 years and will never stop learning. I am currently working towards obtaining my certification and I am an associate member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

I have counseled friends, classmates, teachers and family members through difficult periods with astrology. Family and friends have also brought their friends to receive counseling from me, either to learn more about themselves, or looking for answers to current issues prevalent in their lives. For several years I have received the encouragement of friends and family to take my horoscopes to the public, but it was only after speaking with Rob Hand, a respected Astrologer, an author, an inspiration, and role model, when I made my final decision to reach out to you through this website. Since the birth of Horoscopes Within, I have had the oportunity to meet and work with many wonderful people and several have become friends or repeat customers.

If I can help you to understand the energy you are facing using Astrology and my forecasts, then my life has been enriched. If I can assist you in preparing for the changes ahead and give you the time frame in which you will need to be aware of the planetary energy, then we have made a connection that only the universe could have designed.

Building my house on a rock...

Just to let you know, I have remarried a man who was destined to be my second husband. Who would have thought that the first time I met him and told him that his life was going to get so much better, that it was going to be with me? It truly was written in the stars. He and I love animals and talk of opening a rescue shelter for dogs someday. Cats will not be turned away. If we do, it will be the only shelter that I know of where you can adopt a dog and get your free horoscope! I also have two children that light up my life and three bonus sons of which I am extremely proud.

Welcome to Horoscopes Within. I hope that you enjoy your time with me.

Your Astrologer,

Cornelia Jones, AMAFA

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