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Yes, the River Knows by AtlasRising The following examples provide a basic interpretation of the transiting planets in aspect to the natal planets in your birth chart. There are several methods used in pinpointing the astrological timing of events. Astrologers understand that no matter what aspect a transiting planet makes to your natal planets, if the birth chart does not support the same aspect or similar aspect, then the energy imposed by the transiting planet is lessened.

For example, if you were born with the Sun trine Mars and the Sun is currently transiting square your natal Mars, it would lesson the degree of this aspect for you. If your Sun squares Mars in your natal chart and the transiting Sun currently squares your natal Mars, you will experience the full affects of the square because it shows in the promise of your birth chart.














Transits of planets in aspect to natal planets source: Zet Astrology Software

Special thanks to artist AtlasRising for image "Yes, the River Knows."

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