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And the Corresponding Signs

Astrology divides the zodiac signs into four elements of FIRE, EARTH, AIR and WATER. Because there are twelve signs, three have been assigned to each element. These are referred to as the Triplicities, three signs that exhibit the same element. The element of each sign also corresponds to the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). The Elements speak of the basic nature and temperament of a Sign, whereas the Qualities address their manner of expression.

Below you will find tables describing each signs element and quality with basic characteristics. Knowing the qualities and elements of each sign ensures a far better interpretation of the horoscope.





 1st House/Aries

 2nd House/Taurus

 3rd House/Gemini

 4th House/Cancer

 5th House/Leo

 6th House/Virgo

 7th House/Libra

 8th House/Scorpio

 9th House/Sagittarius

 10th House/Capricorn

 11th  House/Aquarius

 12th House/Pisces

A description of the elements:

 Fire  Enthusiastic, impulsive, confident, impatient, energetic, passionate
 Earth  Earthy, grounded, practical, cautious, reliable, conservative, realistic
 Air  Detached, curious, social, distant, unemotional, flighty, aloof
 Water  Emotional, private, moody, psychic, spiritual, feeling, compassionate

The qualities are CARDINAL, FIXED and MUTABLE, also known as the Quadruplicities.

 Cardinal  Fixed  Mutable
 1st  House/Aries =fire  2nd  House/Taurus =earth  3rd  House/Gemini =air
 4th  House/Cancer =water  5th  House/Leo =fire  6th  House/Virgo =earth
 7th  House/Libra =air  8th  House/Scorpio =water  9th House/Sagittarius =fire
 10th  House/Capricorn =earth  11th  House/Aquarius =air  12th  House/Pisces =water

The signs of the same quality do not compliment each other; in fact, these signs will form either a 90 degree angle to one another (square) or a 180 degree angle (opposition) and can generate tension.

A description of the qualities:

 Cardinal  The Zodiacs initiators, active, leaders, impatient, self starters
 Fixed  The Zodiacs most determined signs, stable, stubborn, powerful
 Mutable  The Zodiacs adaptable signs, changeable, communicators

Each sign of the Zodiac is positive or negative = feminine or masculine

  + Masculine   - Feminine
 1st  House/Aries +  2nd House/Taurus -
 3rd  House/Gemini +  4th  House/Cancer -
 5th  House/Leo +  6th  House/Virgo -
 7th  House/Libra +  8th  House/Scorpio -
 9th  House Sagittarius +  10th  House/Capricorn -
 11th House/Aquarius +  12th  House/Pisces -

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