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Eclipse dates below

The Babylonians were the first to discover that eclipses belong to a larger pattern with a beginning, middle and end. Each eclipse belongs to a series of eclipses and each series has its own unique characteristics. The characteristics of an eclipse are repeated approximately every 18 years 9 -11 days with some minor variations; however the eclipse will have moved approximately 10 degrees through the zodiac. This long term pattern is called the Saros Cycle.

watching an eclipseAt any given time there may be several dozen different series of this cycle in effect and each Saros Cycle will take well over a thousand years to complete.

The ancients believed an eclipse to have irrefutable consequences if it touched a key planet in a persons birth chart. The ancients could often predict an eclipse, however they did not know what caused them. They were feared and viewed as omens due to the appearance of a dark shadow consuming the light of the moon. The reddish color of the moon during a lunar eclipse put fear in their hearts believing that the moon was being eaten or consumed. Though the ancients did not understand what modern science has discovered about the causes of an eclipse, they did know that an eclipse could change the course of history for an individual, or a nation.

Astrologically, eclipses have been viewed as wild cards in a person\’s horoscope. An eclipse is much more intense and their effects are longer lasting than a typical new or full moon. Although the occurrence of an eclipse can be predicted by their timing, the results of the eclipse may vary dramatically from one eclipse to another.

In any given year there are two eclipse seasons. Eclipse seasons are not fixed and can occur in any month of the year, although they always fall about six months apart.

Solar eclipses, or the eclipse of the sun, occur at least twice a year, but never more than five times a year. Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses (an eclipse of the moon) go together in pairs. A solar eclipse is always followed by a lunar eclipse with an interval of 14 days. The greatest number of solar and lunar eclipses that can occur in a year is seven.

There is a wealth of information available about what causes an eclipse; therefore, I will refrain from all scientific evidence on this page. Resource links are provided at the bottom of this page.

A solar eclipse occurs at the time of the new moon when both sun and moon occupy the same degree of the zodiac. Having the sun and moon in the same area of your chart suggests that the energy will be amplified and directed to matters governed by that house in your birth chart. A solar eclipse signifies a fresh start which can also bring about radical change, like a new chapter beginning in your life. The effects of a solar eclipse are shown in the outward expression of our circumstances and can present us with very exciting and joyous developments. What develops due to a solar eclipse will be visible to you and others in your life. On the other hand, if a solar eclipse afflicts planets in your birth chart, the message of the eclipse could present a challenge that must be overcome before something new develops.

A lunar eclipse occurs at the time of the full moon when the sun and moon are in opposition to one another. The sun and moon are at the point of maximum stress and represent the culmination of events or the end of a matter. Lunar eclipses often influence relationships because of the polarity between the sun and moon. A lunar eclipse becomes a catalyst from which dramatic change occurs based on what has already been experienced in your life. A lunar eclipse often brings with it a sense of finality, or unavoidable conditions to the area of your chart that it touches. You will also see changes in the area of your life that the lunar eclipse influences, but because of the sun and moons position in your chart, the issues related to both houses should be considered during a lunar eclipse.

As an example: If your first house is ruled by the sign of Scorpio and it is influenced by a lunar eclipse, the eclipse may point to issues governed by Scorpios opposite house of Taurus (the 7th). This particular example may mean that decide to leave a long term committed relationship or something happens concerning your partner, therefore it affects you personally. Lunar eclipses bring closure to that area of our lives. If your marriage or business relationship has been fraught with difficulties, the lunar eclipse may bring something out in the open that helps to put your relationship troubles behind you. Relationships with children, friends, relatives, co-workers, or a long term business relationship may be influenced.

When my husband and I were dating he had an eclipse in his house of contracts; that same eclipse fell in my career and my 4th house of home and property. The day of the eclipse he received a call from his boss that he was going to be transferred right away. That evening we had dinner together; I could see that something was bothering him and asked if everything was alright. He told me that he was being transferred to another state and wanted me to go with him as his wife—within a few days he was gone! I accepted his proposal and the responsibility of packing up his home because he only had time enough to take what he could pack in his car. My children had to finish school, I had to prepare to leave my job, and I had to get my house in order and ready to sell.

All eclipses, whether solar or lunar, have the potential to change your circumstances. Eclipses are expressed through a crisis of some kind, whether it is a real crisis or not, it may feel very real to you. Many times a new beginning involves letting go of something from the past, whether it be a person, a relationship, an object, or a behavior. This is especially true during a lunar eclipse.

An eclipse can present opportunities for major transformation; this is the time when the energies are more amplified and focused. An eclipse may force you to move forward faster than you might have moved without its help. An eclipse may force you to take action in an area that may have stalled and can bring about changes that are completely beyond your control.

The following eclipse fell in my house of romance. On the day of the eclipse he came back for the weekend and put an engagement ring on my finger! I took him to the airport the next day and drove home staring at the engagement ring on my finger. I was amazed at how fast my life was changing. My husband told me that if he had not had to move so quickly, he might not have asked me to marry him when he did. We both knew where the relationship was going, but neither of us would have guessed that something so sudden would develop and be the channel for our lives changing together.

I knew contracts were changing for him; I began reminding him early that year. I also knew I would be moving, but I had no idea why at the time. We still laugh about that today. When I told him I was moving, he said, “I hope not far.” In a few short months my home changed because I moved and sold my house, my job changed because I relocated, and my personal life changed from dating to marriage.

A lunar eclipse may impact you emotionally as its energy is also directed inward. You may you feel a sense of loss, sadness, or depression, as the moon influences our moods and our emotions. A lunar eclipse can remove something from your life in order to replace it with something more suitable for your current life\’s path. Letting go of we have grown accustomed can be a difficult process. During the time of an eclipse we are asked to step out of our comfort zone and experience something that will be a stepping stone for our development as a human and spiritual being. Trust that whatever surfaces is important for you as you are evolving into the person you were destined to become.

My house of romance, as yours does, also governs children. My children were happy about the marriage, but it was an extremely difficult time for them emotionally to be uprooted and relocated away from family, friends, their school, and the only home that they had ever known. The energy of that eclipse season pushed us forward in a new direction, out of our comfort zone, and into a new lifestyle. It was stressful and emotional as is common during the time of an eclipse, but we made it through and we are all in a better place in our lives with the help of the universe. Getting there was no easy task!

Astrology defines the lasting effects of an eclipse by its duration. The general rules for the duration of a solar eclipse is that the energy effects your circumstances one year for every hour of the eclipses duration, up to 3 ˝ years. The rules for the duration of a lunar eclipse are that the life span is equal to one month for every hour of the eclipse, lasting up to 6 months. Astrological research has proven that any eclipse can change your life permanently.

Another rule is that eclipses last from one solar eclipse to the next solar eclipse or lunar eclipse to lunar eclipse. For forecasting purposes, this last rule is only applied to my monthly horoscopes.

Each eclipse has a ruler, the planet ruling the sign where the eclipse falls. If an eclipse occurs in Aries, Mars rules, if in Taurus, Venus rules, Gemini, Mercury, Cancer, the Moon, Leo, the Sun, Virgo, Mercury rules, in Libra, Venus rules, in Scorpio, Pluto rules, Sagittarius, Jupiter, Capricorn, Saturn, Aquarius, Uranus, and in Pisces, Neptune has rulership.

Should there be another planet within 3 degrees of the luminaries (sun or moon) that planet becomes the ruler of the eclipse. This happens often as transiting planets conjunct eclipses.

While eclipse energy is often felt within a month on either side of the eclipse day, there are hot spots they may trigger events related to the eclipse. Those hot spots are when the sun squares the eclipse degree about 90 days later, although you may hear something a within a few days on either side of that date. Mars is often a trigger for eclipse related activity so you should watch Mars transit across the eclipse degree or square the eclipse degree, 90 degrees past the eclipse. When the sun opposes the eclipse six months later, this time may finalize something related to the eclipse or you may have a foothold on your new circumstances.

As you can see by the example of my own eclipse experience, my life completely changed due to the eclipses of 2004, and that was not the first eclipse which changed my circumstances so drastically. While the 2004 eclipses meant major transitions for me and my children, there was a happy ending. Previous eclipses to my chart also changed my life. One particular eclipse was very painful when I became a widow with a baby. If an eclipse influences major outer planets in your chart, you too will feel the eclipse message, although you may not experience such a life altering event as I did.

Barack Obama experienced a solar eclipse (new beginning) to his Leo sun in August 2008. While there were many questions raised about his birth time and whether or not the birth certificate that surfaced was in fact authentic, knowing his birthday was enough to see that he was going to be the next President of the United States. The sun squared the eclipse degree just 3 days before Election Day and was a marker for the eclipse message.

You should expect the message of an eclipse to show itself within one month of the eclipse, or taking up to six months to complete if an eclipse touches your chart in a personal way. You should also be aware that the eclipse may affect that area of your life indefinitely. If you have planets directly influenced by an eclipse, it is unlikely that you will have to wait to hear something concerning the planet influenced and the houses that it governs in your chart.

Not everyone is influenced by every eclipse, but we all experience eclipses at different times in our lives. The universe gives each of us fresh starts and challenges even when we don\’t recognize the need for change. Pay attention to information that comes in during all eclipses because once a planet triggers and sets into motion energies related to the eclipse you may feel caught off guard. Eclipses influence our sense of timing and may cause us to feel that we are not ready, or there isn\’t enough time to assimilate all that is going on.

Try not to make any fast moves or decisions during an eclipse because the atmosphere is too volatile and there probably isn\’t much you can do to change the situation at hand. It will prove to be more disruptive if you try and cling to any changes that are forthcoming. There can be a complete reversal of negative aspects in your life, new developments that were needed, fresh starts and new experiences you only dreamt of because of an eclipse.

Find out if you will be affected by this years eclipse and look to eclipse activity if you feel like your life has been thrown a monkey wrench. Look to eclipse activity if your circumstances change suddenly and without warning. Eclipses can be the missing link which highlights major events in any horoscope.

Generate your birth chart, find the sign that will be touched by the eclipse and look to issues governed by the house which that zodiac sign rules in your chart. This is the area of your life that will be influenced by this years eclipses. Be sure and read your monthly horoscope and stay with Horoscopes Within for valuable and informative news concerning this year eclipse seasons. Always read your sun sign and your rising sign.

Eclipse cycles have been recorded and a table of Saros Cycles (or Saros Series) can be found at NASA Eclipse Page. Another valuable source of information for eclipse data, saros cycles and the duration of an eclipse can be found at MrEclipse.com.

Solar Eclipse - May 20, 2012
0° Gemini 21

Lunar Eclipse - June 4, 2012
14° Sagittarius 08

Solar Eclipse - November 13, 2012
21° Scorpio 57

Lunar Eclipse - Noveember 28, 2012
6° Gemini 40

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