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2011 Planet Retrogrades

Retrograde means "Backwards". None of the planets actually move backwards; although, they appear to do so from our perspective here on earth. When a planet retrogrades, the energy stalls and you can expect to be revisited by issues related to the house in which the retrograde planet falls in your horoscope. The impact of a retrograde varies from planet to planet. When the planet moves direct again, the energy picks up and you can expect to move forward.

In the case of Mercury, it means going over Mercury ruled issues. Mercury governs communication and transportation in your horoscope, as well as how we communicate and the method of transportation we chose to travel. Contracts need to be re-written, revised, or renegotiated. You may experience computer related issues, or breakdowns. Mail may get lost, or end up in someone else's mailbox, and may not be received for weeks. You may have to deal with flight delays, or cancellations; any form of transportation may become more difficult. Often you will find you can not reach someone by phone when in the past they seemed to be waiting for your call. You might forget about an appointment, or due to unforeseen circumstances you are late and had no control over the delay. You may even drop your cell phone in the toilet or misplace your PDA. Mercury retrogrades are full of frustrations!

When Mercury retrogrades, it's time to look back and take stock of what has been happening over the past few months and assimilate your experiences. A good rule of thumb with Mercury retrograde is to try to confine activities to going over old Mercury related issues. Consider all things "re." Reschedule, rewrite, repair, return, redecorate, replace, restore, renew and re-evaluate.

Remember, actions ruled by a particular planet and area of your life in which the planets energy falls, often need to be repeated when that planet is retrograde. Hopefully you will not mind having to do something twice. Mercury can be a good teacher during a retrograde. Without Mercury retrograde periods we might have missed an important detail that could not be changed at a later time. Although annoying, we learn during the course of the planet retrogrades.

Take a look at the 2011 Ephemeris and see where the planets are at all times.

Planet Retrogrades for 2011

Planet In Sign Beginning End
  Saturn   Libra 1/25/2011
  Mercury   Aries
3/30/2011 4/23/2011
  Pluto   Capricorn 4/09/2011 9/16/2011
  Neptune   Pisces/Aquarius 6/03/2011 11/09/2011
  Uranus   Aries
  Mercury   Virgo/Leo
8/02/2011 8/26/2011
  Jupiter   Taurus 8/30/2011 12/25/2011
  Mercury   Sagittarius 11/23/2011

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