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June 2012 Monthly Horoscope Forecast


March 21st - April 20th

Horoscope Overview

Your energy and focus are all over the place this month. You have some really annoying dramas concerning your relatives or local community, but then later you are thrilled to spend quality time with them. You are torn between your home life and your career, but you end up more interested in vacations and playtime activities. Your partner or a rival is annoyed about something or someone in your home life, but you mostly try to stay out of it.

Detailed Horoscope
Continuing Trends:

From April 29th through November 18th, Uranus and Pluto begin battling again. These are slow moving planets and as they both move back and forth over the same small areas in the zodiac, they keep re-aligning themselves into this disagreeable dynamic. Once again, Uranus is in Aries and your “me” sector and he is not getting along with Pluto in your professional goals and aspirations, leadership, public reputation, and climbing the Ladder of Success sector. Like mentioned a few days ago when Mercury passed through here, this is a battle between you and your reputation, professional goals, career path, father, boss, or an authority figure. Uranus within Aries has you wanting to be unique, clever, innovative, social, invigorated, entrepreneurial, willing to take risks and shake things up, and embracing the idea of “thinking outside of the box”. Pluto within Capricorn wants you to be logical, stoic, established, well-respected, polite, reliable, conservative, and choosing the safe and practical path. Sometimes, these concepts clash and now is one of those times. Globally, we are still dealing with “we the people” versus governments, corporations, and dictators.

New Developments:

From June 2nd through the 5th, Mercury and Saturn are working together to blend your marriage, best friends, business partnerships, competitors, enemies, and rivals (think yin-yang) sector and your local communications, interpersonal communications, and commercial activities sector together in a smart and disciplined manner. Together, they encourage you and your various partners to enjoy hanging out with each other’s families, neighbors, and community members. And they help the two of you to discuss and negotiate long-term commitments, agreements, and business contracts. You can make professional and/or romantic commitments at this time. This is an especially good time for business partnerships, sales meetings, bargain hunting, and other types of joint commercial activities. They can also help you and your enemies to begin peace talks.

From June 2nd through the 13th, the sun and Mars are in conflict with each other. And until the 7th, Venus is teamed up with the sun in this conflict. Venus and the sun are in your communications, commerce, and community sector. Mars is in your daily work, coworkers, to-do lists, chores, productivity, physical fitness, and feeling useful sector. When these two areas clash, we usually see problems and challenges involving daily commutes, crashing computer systems, faulty telecommunications devices, misunderstandings, tough contract negotiations, ineffective sales presentations, etc causing a drop in productivity levels and in morale for you and your coworkers.

June 4th hosts a full moon eclipse in your long-distance travel, relocations, foreigners, languages, cultures, religions, laws, politics, universities, mass media, and global awareness sector. Normally, this would be a good time for endings and grand finales involving these topics. However, this full moon is also part of the drama involving Mars clashing with Venus and the sun mentioned in the previous paragraph. Your health, coworkers, job duties, etc are somehow causing this to be a tough ending for you. For example, you might be graduating from college, but the job market is bad. Or you are finalizing your plans for a big exotic vacation, but you are having trouble getting time off from work. Or you have made the decision to relocate but are having a hard time finding a job in your new location.

From June 7th through the 10th, Mercury and Neptune are blending energies to bring about a creative, clever, and kind energy. They blend logic and intuition together in a delightful manner. Neptune is still in your emotional, spiritual, paranormal, charitable, bureaucracies, mysteries, and secrets sector. Mercury is in your real estate, housing matters, roommates, parents, childhood issues, safety and security, retirement circumstances, and coming home sector. This is a lovely time for peace talks involving your parents or roommates. You can forgive and move on from old past hurts. You can work on projects that bring more peace and harmony into your home, like creating prayer corners, installing those little bubbling waterfalls, or even just bringing additional houseplants into your home. The idea is to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. You might also be able to come up with some clever ideas about how to resolve any bureaucratic issues involving your home, like dealing with mortgages, property taxes, zoning issues, building permits, etc in which bureaucrats are making things tougher than they should be.

From June 9th through the 16th, the sun and Saturn work together. Like before when Mercury passed through here, this is a good time for you and a romantic, social, or business partner to work on commercial activities, community outreach, spending time with each other’s families, and/or for focusing on commitments, agreements, and/or contract negotiations together. And this is a good time for you and your rivals to negotiate peace talks.

From June 10th through the 12th, Mercury moves into a tough location. He is now adding to the dramas between Pluto and Uranus mentioned before. Uranus and Pluto are creating a battle between you and your reputation, professional path, leadership style, boss, father, or an authority figure. It has been a tough time for you professionally. Now, Mercury is in your home sector adding more stress. You are torn between your home life and your job, between publicity and privacy, between your mother and your father, between retiring and maintaining a leadership role in society, etc. Luckily, this is a short-term dynamic.

June 11th Jupiter enters Gemini where he will stay for the rest of this year. Jupiter and Gemini are opposite sides of the same coin. Gemini rules local communities, one-on-one communications, daily commutes, elementary school level knowledge, small town thinking, siblings, cousins, and extended family. Jupiter rules countries, mass media, long-distance travel, universities, global awareness, and foreigners. Both love freedom, flirting, bonding with others, and having fun. When left to do as he pleases within Gemini, Jupiter will help everyone to be better communicators. We will all have a little easier time expanding our horizons while staying close to home. And we should all be able to get along with our neighbors, relatives, and local community members a bit easier. Industries involving computers, communications, automobiles, local transportation, community outreach, and/or elementary schools should do better while Jupiter is traveling through Gemini. When other planets clash with Jupiter during his time in Gemini, he could cause people to become lazy thinkers, more bigoted, and/or scattered and unfocused. For Aries, Jupiter is also in your third house of communications, commerce, and community. So your activities involving these concepts should mostly be blessed during Jupiter’s passing through this section of your chart. He is the planet of good luck and prosperity. Therefore, careers involving Gemini topics mentioned above as well as sales, bartering, trading, writing, speaking, etc could also do quite well.

From June 12th through July 7th, Jupiter and Neptune are engaged in a mini-war. The sun, Venus, and Mercury have all passed through here in recent weeks creating this same dynamic. Jupiter is the last planet to clash with Neptune, but he is also the biggest. And unlike the others that spent a few days each battling, Jupiter is going to be in this location for almost a month. Once again, your emotional, spiritual, paranormal, charitable, bureaucracies, mysteries, and secrets sector is clashing with your local communities, commercial activities, and interpersonal communications sector. When these two areas clash, we usually see issues involving local gossip, dysfunctional family dynamics, drunken neighbors, hospitalized or institutionalized community members, tough bureaucratic negotiations, and/or self-destructive behaviors causing trouble for you or your community. With Neptune involved, you could see lies, secrets, deception, gullibility, or hidden forces are at work here.

From June 16th through July 10th, Venus is flirting with Uranus. Mercury and the sun have already passed through here blending your “me” sector and your communities, commerce, and communications sector together in a positive manner. Once again, you are a better writer, speaker, negotiator, buyer, seller, bargain hunter, etc. Venus rules wealth and Uranus rules the Internet, so ecommerce, online marketing, and Internet business deals could be very profitable at this time. Also, when Venus and Uranus work together, they love to create love at first sight, unexpected romantic encounters, spontaneous date nights, etc. This is a great time for flirtatious conversations.

From June 18th through the 22nd, Mercury and Saturn are not getting along. Saturn is still in your partnerships and rivalries sector and Mercury is still in your home, roommates, and parents sector. Most of the time when these two sectors clash, we see a spouse is upset about parents, roommates, houseguests, private lifestyle, household chores, landscaping or home-improvement projects, mortgages, rental contracts, lease agreements, etc. However, you could also find that a rival is trying to screw up your domestic bliss, like an ex-wife or ex-husband causing problems within your private life. You and your partner should be very careful when signing contracts or making commitments, because there could be long-term consequences to agreements made at this time.

From June 19th through the 23rd, Mercury and Mars are getting along quite nicely. Mercury is still in your home sector and Mars is still in your work sector. Jobs involving home-related industries (landscaping, furniture, appliances, retirement planning, hospice care, etc) and home-based businesses should do well at this time. Mars adds productivity and Mercury adds commerce and negotiations, so you should be able to utilize this combination within your professional life. Even if you do not work from home and you do not work in a home-oriented industry, you can still use this smart and productive energy to help you get things done around the house. Clean out closets, wash the cars, get some yard work done, focus on home repairs, etc. You can get a lot accomplished at this time.

From June 19th through the 27th, the sun and Neptune are making a lovely connection. The sun is entering your real estate, housing matters, roommates, parents, retirement circumstances, and coming home sector. Neptune is still in your mental health, spirituality, and bureaucracies sector. Like mentioned before when Mercury passed through here creating this same dynamic, this is a good time to forgive parents and roommates, to work through bureaucratic housing matters, and/or for working to bring a more peaceful, spiritual, and/or harmonious atmosphere into your home.

June 19th also hosts a new moon in your local communities, commercial activities, and interpersonal communications sector. Last month, you had a new moon in this same area of your chart. Last month, it was at the very beginning of Gemini and this month it is at the tail end of Gemini. Last month, Neptune clashed with the fresh starts, new beginnings, etc that you were trying to launch. This month, he actually supports your efforts. Neptune is still in your emotional, spiritual, charitable, bureaucratic, and secrets sector. New moons are for fresh starts, new beginnings, launchings, births, conceptions, etc. This is a good time to acquire new cars, computers, telecommunication devices, and other types of electronics. It is also a good time for meeting new neighbors and relatives, for agreeing to a fresh start with pre-existing neighbors and relatives, or for moving into a new neighborhood. You can also use this time to launch new writing, speaking, negotiating, buying, selling, bartering, trading, bargain hunting, and/or shopping projects. You could find that you are emotionally and spiritually better off because of whatever new beginning or fresh start you are launching at this time. And you could find that new contracts, agreements, or commercial activities involving corporations, institutions, government agencies, and other bureaucratic organizations are blessed at this time.

From June 25th through July 3rd, the sun moves into that same spot where Mercury was when he added to the problems between Uranus and Pluto. Once again, you are town between your career and home life, between publicity and privacy, between your mother and your father, between retirement and leadership roles, etc. This time, with the sun involved, you are taking things more personally and if you had your way, you would side with your home, private life, roommate, and/or mother.

From June 27th through the 30th, Mercury is connecting with Jupiter. Jupiter is still in your local communities, commercial activities, and interpersonal communications sector. Mercury has entered your personal pleasure, lovers, romance, playtime, children, pets, hobbies, creativity, luxuries, and happiness sector. Mercury and Jupiter create a smart, fun, and lucky energy for you to work with. This is a delightful time for business deals involving luxury sales, finding vacation bargains, and for commercial activities involving your hobbies, playtime activities, family outings, and date nights. It is also a lovely time for backyard BBQs, local gatherings at the park, and spending quality time with extended family. You might also be in the mood to make romantic commitments with lovers.

From June 30th through July 13th, Mercury and Uranus are getting along wonderfully. Uranus is still in Aries and your “me” sector and Mercury is still in your romance, playtime, luxuries, and happiness sector. This is an excellent time for you to go on vacation, get involved in sports, hobbies, and other fun extracurricular activities. It is a delightful and fun time for you. Also, since Mercury rules computers and Uranus rules the Internet, you could find that online activities could be part of your joyful experiences.

Horoscopes courtesy of my friend and astrologer Skye Thomas, Tomorrows Edge, Copyright 2012. All rights reserved worldwide.

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