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November 2010 Monthly Horoscope Forecast


March 21st - April 20th

Horoscope Overview
Other than some issues involving holiday travel and/or political, cultural, legal, or bureaucratic dramas around that same time, this is going to be a great month! Your love life, social life, and finances are blessed with good news and positive growth. You are broadening your horizons, learning new things, and opening yourself up to meeting all kinds of new people too.

Detailed Horoscope

Continuing Trends:
From May 11th through January 31st 2011, Jupiter and Uranus are traveling partners. They are in Pisces and your twelfth house of mental health, attitudes, addictions, deception, intuition, spiritual mysteries, secrets, fogginess, bureaucracies, and “hidden forces working behind the scenes.” They work to help you maneuver through these various hidden forces, bureaucracies, and spiritual mysteries. They can help you recognize “reality” when things seem unclear and confusing. They can also help you to recognize when you are sabotaging your dreams and when hidden agendas, deceptions, and/or gullibility might be holding you back. When other planets clash with these two planets, they will bring chaotic mood changes, stubbornness, and/or unexpected issues involving deception, delusion, bureaucracies, and “fogginess”. Problems involving government agencies, hospitals, prisons, large corporations, and other institutions could seemingly pop up out of nowhere. When other planets work nicely with this duo (or they are left alone to do their own thing), they will be working hard on your behalf to bring a friendly, funny, upbeat joy to your moods.

From October 29th through November 4th, Venus turns around and heads back to that spot where she is able to work with Pluto to bring more trust and sharing, loyalty, joint ventures, investments, stocks, royalties, commissions, insurances, and other forms of profit sharing into your professional life. Again, these are the two planets in charge of all forms of seduction and wealth. Therefore, this is a persuasive and profitable energy for you to work with.

New Developments:
From November 2nd through the 8th, Mercury is in your trust and sharing, intimacy, fidelity, loyalty, joint finances, joint ventures, investments, commissions, royalties, stock options, and other forms of profit sharing sector. He is connecting with Jupiter and Uranus in your mental health, spiritual mysteries, and bureaucracies sector. Together, they can brainstorm clever new ways to achieve your financial goals. Teamwork, technology, social networking, and inspiration help you get more accomplished when working with government agencies, institutions, large corporations, and other bureaucracies. This is also a second wave of that lovely romantic energy promoting soulmate style love making as opposed to light playful romance. You can also use this as another opportunity to work through any emotional or psychological issues that keep you from being able to trust others and/or to share yourself on a more intimate level.

From November 4th through the 7th, Mercury is clashing with Neptune. Mercury is in your trust and sharing sector and Neptune is in your social networking sector. With these two areas clashing, you have to be very careful when conducting financial transactions involving friends, teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, groups, and/or the Internet. You also could experience issues with a friend or colleague trying to seduce your lover. If you are thinking about turning a friendship into a romantic relationship, this is not a good time for that. Things will not turn out well. Also, since Neptune rules over secrets and Mercury rules over sharing information, you could find that a secret is revealed that really hurts your feelings or costs you quite a bit of money.

November 6th hosts a new moon in your trust and sharing, intimacy, fidelity, loyalty, joint finances, joint ventures, investments, stocks, bonds, commissions, royalties, insurances, spousal and child support, inheritances, taxes, loans, and profit sharing sector. This is an excellent time for new romantic commitments, fresh starts within your relationship, and for new lovers. It is also a good time for new financial activities involving various forms of profit sharing, investments, and joint assets. There is nothing negatively affecting this new beginning or fresh start in your trust and sharing sector, so you could even use it for engagements or weddings.

From November 8th through the 29th, Venus continues moving backwards through your chart. She is reentering your partnerships sector for a short visit. From here, she is once again combining forces with Neptune who is still in your friends, teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, groups, networking, and connectivity sector. Together, these two planets love to create romance, beauty, compassion, and the fine arts. This is a lovely energy for double-dating, socializing with other couples, and for falling in love with someone you meet through your friends, teammates, colleagues, or associates. You could even use this for meeting someone online. Business partnerships could use this for some intuitive business networking and social partnerships could use this for bonding with loving friends, but this is mostly an ideal energy for mixing friends and lovers in a romantic and sexy setting.

From November 12th through the 18th, Mars is teaming up with Saturn. Together they create a thoughtful and optimistic energy. Saturn works to make smart ethical long-term decisions and Mars provides the enthusiasm, stamina, and “can do” attitude needed to make it happen. Saturn is still in your marriage, best friends, business partnerships, rivals, competitors, and enemies (think yin-yang) sector. Mars is shaking things up in your long-distance travel, foreigners, cultures, laws, politics, religions, philosophies, academics, mass media, and global awareness sector. This is a great energy for long-distance love affairs or for the two of you to travel together. It is also a good time for legal contracts between the two of you. If you are looking for a new romantic, social, or business partner, you might want to look into political, religious, academic, and cultural activities as a way of meeting interesting new people. It is also a great time for mediating legal agreements between you and a rival.

From November 12th through the 22nd, the sun in your romantic and financial trust and sharing sector begins cooperating with Uranus and Jupiter in your mental health, spiritual mysteries, and bureaucracies sector. This gives you another opportunity to work on financial goals involving large bureaucratic organizations. Once again, teamwork, technology, and creative genius could play a positive role in the situation. This is also another round of that sexy romantic soulmate-style energy that you have been enjoying in recent weeks.

From November 15th through the 20th, the sun is also clashing with Neptune in your social networking sector. Mercury and Mars have already passed through here in recent weeks creating a battle between your finances and your friends, teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, groups, and/or the Internet. They could also have been creating romantic fidelity issues involving these same groups of people. This time with the sun involved, you could be taking it rather personally and feeling more hurt than before.

From November 16th through the 18th, Mercury is traveling along with Mars who is working with Saturn to blend your partnerships and rivals sector with your global awareness sector. Mercury rules over negotiations, commitments, and communications skills, so he makes it even easier to negotiate a peace agreement with an enemy and he makes it more charming and fun for you and your various partners to enjoy traveling, cultures, religious activities, etc together.

November 21st hosts a full moon in your second house of personal wealth, net worth, assets, salaries, wages, and self-worth. Jupiter and Uranus are sending plenty of positive energy from your mental health, spiritual mysteries, and bureaucracies sector. This is a great time for buying and selling assets, finalizing budgets, closing out bank accounts, and/or completing your financial goals. You could also find that you have more self-confidence as a result.

From November 23rd through December 6th, Mars is clashing with Jupiter and Uranus. Mars is focusing on long-distance travel, multicultural teachings, languages, laws, religions, politics, academics, mass media, and/or your global community. Jupiter and Uranus are still focusing on mental health, spiritual mysteries, and bureaucracies. When these two sectors clash, we often see problems with a dogmatic know-it-all and a sensitive intuitive type butting heads with each other. It could be political, legal, religious, or cultural in nature, but they will be fighting over “facts” versus “intuition”. This can also show up as problems with government bureaucrats, like not being able to get a travel visa. Mercury is adding an argumentative energy until the 27th. Thanksgiving travel could be very stressful.

From November 27th through the 29th, Venus, Mercury, and Neptune team up to bring more love, compassion, and kindness into everyone’s lives. For you, Venus is in your partnerships sector (she rules over this area of the chart and is therefore more powerful here); Mercury is in your travel, cultures, and media sector; and Neptune is in your social networking sector. This is a delightful energy for the two of you to enjoy social get-togethers, holiday travel, visiting exotic holiday bazaars, and for couples to spend time with groups of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Anything that blends cultures, friends, and partnerships together can be quite entertaining over this holiday weekend. It can also be a great time to meet new people that could become interesting romantic, social, or business partners.

From November 30th through December 4th, Mars works with Neptune to continue combining energies between your social sector and your global sector. This is a good time for friends and colleagues to enjoy cultural, religious, political, and/or academic events together. It is also a great time for traveling and sharing views with each other. You might enjoy literally and/or figuratively walking a mile in someone else’s shoes.

November Horoscope courtesy of my friend and astrologer Skye Thomas, Tomorrow’s Edge, Copyright 2010. All rights reserved worldwide.

October Horoscope

The sun makes its annual transit through your 7th house in October and spotlights your partnerships, from marriage to business agreements. If you’re not quite where you need to be in a relationship or business contract, the new moon Oct. 7 will open up a window of opportunity to move forward. That being said, this will be an important month to evaluate how your relationships are working for you. New relationships could end or you may change your mind about a business contract.

Venus, your relationship planet, is turning retrograde on Oct. 8. Venus will be in a weak position until Nov. 18. Astrologically speaking, this is not the time for you to enter into romantic, intimate, or financial relationships, Aries. Venus retrograde is a deal-breaker for marriage, business contracts, or financial agreements. If you are getting married, you could have the ceremony and celebration during this retrograde and get your marriage license when Venus stations direct. There is always a way to make better use of the planetary aspects.

Aries that are in a committed relationship or married may find that romance may stall now. It could be due to your partner’s circumstances or perhaps you and your partner are at odds about money or intimacy issues. Compromise within your relationships may be an important lesson in October. This includes being treated fairly among co-workers, within a group, or in a humanitarian effort.

Your ruler, Mars, transits your 8th house of shared resources until Oct. 28. You may have added financial responsibilities now or there could be some upset over money, credit or debts. This transit can increase your desire for luxury items and you may be more willing to finance what you want. The best use of this Venus retrograde would be for you to look closely at your interest rates, consolidate loans, and work to pay down your credit card balances.

Mars and Venus transit your 8th house of sex together from Oct. 1—8. These two combined can cause passions to run high – emotionally and intimately. If you are not involved in a sexual relationship, it’s not likely that this transit will bring you one. In addition, this Mars transit may result in a surgical procedure for some. Don’t schedule any surgery within 3 days on either side of this month’s full moon, Aries. The sun will enter your 8th house of other people money and regeneration on Oct. 23. You’ll have another month to work through emotional, physical, and financial healing.

The full moon Oct. 22 falls in your sign. This is our second full moon in Aries this year. Last month (Sept. 23) you may have been influenced by the full moon at the opening degree of Aries, although that full moon focused on Aries born in March. Our October full moon will call on Aries born within 5 days of April 20. This full moon may concern an agreement regarding a family member, spouse, or property. Alternatively, the full moon may concern a surgical procedure or diagnoses, for you, a partner, or a child. Finances or insurance could play a role for you. The full moon may surprise you with news about a family matter or pregnancy. If the full moon relates to finances, it may concern something you owe, such as child support or an unpaid debt. Finally, a business agreement may be ending. This could change your daily routines or how you perform your duties at work.

Have a wonderful month!

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